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Based on the two posts its apparent CoCo goes BBFS with many mongers and possibly will get visits with a number of mongers per day. I know BBFS feels amazing and so much more intimate than carrying a condom but why would you ever go BBFS with a supplier? Aren’t you apprehensive about getting an STD or do you not care? I promise this is not a redundant query, I am just extremely curious.In my case it was unintentional and the condom broke. She was actually tight and struggling to take me in all they way.

The method I do it is slosh slightly little bit of Clorox in a pint of water and flush out my ureter directly after sex. Right after that, I wash my whole dick with the identical solution whereas using a washcloth. I’ve been doing it since December 1991 and have never caught any STD’s; I’ve gone bareback almost with each SW I’ve dated.

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My BBFS supplier this time was Connie over at Kison. After studying the stories about her seems and body type, I like them thick, and after seeing her footage in the ads, I just needed to head down there and check it out.

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STD preventative measures.

Herpes is an annoyance, however hardly life threatening. Clap and syphilis are harmful, however (to this point) treatable. BTW, Herpes lesions may properly make you more prone to HIV infection. I know that some guys on these boards are rather more active than I, and participate frequently in naked oral activies, each giving and recieving.

STD Prevention With Natural Antibiotics

I concur with Osm that shit ain’t price it to risk ya life for some BBFS. As I have said earlier, I am not into FS; primarily as a result of being paranoid about getting an STD of which I actually have none. I am not asking this query to embarrass or to condescend.

Wouldn’t you know it, I was provided BBFS too however only wanted her BBBJ at that time. Jae became my #1 recommendaton to bros I PM with.

And although the STD risk aren’t zero, they’re low enought that for the most half it would not much matter. Oral sex, even unprotected, typically is in the secure sex category. Having said that, people who https://besthookupsites.org/usasexguide-review/ are nervous about it and need a hundred% safety ought to think about condoms for fellatio (oral-penile contact) and dental dams or a sheet of meals wrap for cunnilingus (oral-vaginal). Don’t you guys ever worry about catching anything from the women that do BBBJ.

Although no treatment was found, as quickly as the phrase got out that there was a deadly STD killing people, the an infection price went way down. HavannaMan, The an infection charges mentioned are the odds of sexually lively people who contract HIV an infection in a given year. It has nothing to do with numbers reducing as people die or the opportunistic infections folks with AIDS get. So despite all this info we’ve right here about what you should do or not do with condoms, potential risks we take etecetc, does in reality anybody contract or die from HIV in locations like Pattaya.

Ok, we have some chronicled cases here of herpes, clamydia etecetc, however by no means any actual tales of anyone, their buddies and so forth, all hetero, really contracting HIV. I’ve read about one or two cases of people dying by pure causes or accident however no deaths by HIV. Hi had a question .How risky is it to come in a gals mouth ? Now, that doesn’t imply your Sukhumvit honey was hiding anything from you — as I’m sure you know Thai ladies are sometimes quite shy, to not point out naive about such ailments.


He went on to elucidate, that the point was mute, in that HIV could possibly be solely be blood transmitted. Be safe.Any time you get FS with no condom you might be open to a std. Hell I had new girlfriends that might not you go in with out a doctors letter. So I’ve been dabbling on this hobby for some time now, normally simply HE’s at the parlor, but on a current journey I obtained a CBJ.


These are the widespread scientific stats ” about four instances of HIV transmission per each 10,000 acts of vaginal sex with a lady who is HIV positive) “. If no genital wart, no want to check herpes.